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About Us

Welcome to
BCG Group of Company

BCG Group of Company have a team of Professional Land Surveyors committed to providing quality, accurate, and cost-effective land surveying for our clients. We have a long history of providing quality land surveying services.

We routinely provide all types of surveys, including Topographical & contouring survey,Land survey, Road survey, Transmission line survey, Pipe line survey, Building layout marking, Setting out of building, Bolt fixing, Layout preparation, Autocad conversation, Building approval, Dtcp approval.

We are conveniently and centrally located to our service area. Our team will strive in every way possible to provide our clients with completed survey projects that will meet or exceed all requirements and will expedite the progress of any project.


We are committed to providing an innovative work environment for our employees, as well as encouraging and promoting the advancement of our employee’s careers.


We provide our clients with completed survey projects that will meet all requirements. We will utilize the latest technology to process our data and will educate ourselves effectively.

Our Team

All our surveyors are well experienced, time bound and familiar with latest technologies. We provide all our services in a timely manner that is cost effective.